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Electrolux 218954001en-003

Electrolux 218954001en-003

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Products referring to this guide:-Frigidaire FRS26ZGH-Frigidaire FRS26ZPH-Universal MRS26LGJ

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Other Precautions
•Never unplug the refrigerator by pulling on the power cord. Always grip the plug
firmly, and pull straight out from the receptacle.
•To avoid electrical shock, unplug the refrigerator before cleaning and before
replacing a light bulb. NOTE: Turning the control to OFF turns off the compressor,
but does not disconnect power to the light bulb or other electrical components.
•Do not operate the refrigerator in the presence of explosive fumes.
•Avoid contact with any moving parts of the automatic ice maker.
First Steps
This Owner’s Guide provides specific operating instructions for your model. Use
refrigerator only as instructed in this Owner’s Guide. Before starting refrigerator,
follow these important first steps:
Install refrigerator:
•near a grounded electrical outlet. DO NOT use an extension cord or an adapter plug.
•out of direct sunlight and away from range, dishwasher, or other heat sources,
if possible.
•on a floor that is level and strong enough to support a fully loaded refrigerator.
•where a water supply is available for automatic ice maker.
•Do not install refrigerator where temperature will drop below 60°F (15°C), or rise
above 110°F (43°C). Compressor will not be able to maintain proper temperatures.
•In a recessed installation, allow an extra 1/2 inch (10-15 mm) on each side for
ease of installation.
•If the hinge side of the unit will be placed against a wall, allow a 1-3/4 inch (44
mm) space between wall and refrigerator to permit proper door swing.
Door Opening
For best use of drawers and freezer basket, refrigerator should be in a position where
both the refrigerator and freezer doors can be opened about 135°.
•Refrigerator must be leveled with all bottom corners resting firmly on a solid floor.
Adjust front rollers to level cabinet both front-to-rear and side-to-side. Keep
cabinet as low as possible for stability. Never adjust cabinet rollers so front is lower
than rear.
To adjust front rollers: Open refrigerator and freezer doors. Remove toe grille
by pulling it straight out. Adjust rollers by turning each roller adjusting bolt with an
adjustable wrench, a socket wrench, or a nutdriver until refrigerator is level and
stable. Rear rollers are not adjustable.
•Check both doors to be sure seals touch cabinet evenly on all four sides.
•If freezer door is higher than refrigerator door, raise right corner and/or lower left
corner until doors align across top of cabinet.
•If refrigerator door is higher than freezer door, raise left corner and/or lower right
corner until doors align across top of cabinet.
To replace toe grille: Line up tabs with holes, and push grille straight on.
•Wash the inside, all removable parts, and the outside with mild detergent and
warm water.
Wipe dry. Do not use harsh cleaners on these surfaces.
•Do not use razor blades or other sharp instruments that can scratch appliance
surface, when removing adhesive labels. Any glue left from the tape or energy
label can be removed with a mixture of warm water and mild detergent, or touch
glue with sticky side of tape already removed.
Do Not Remove Serial Plate.
Important Safety
Replacing Toe Grille
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