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Electrolux 218954001en-006

Electrolux 218954001en-006

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Products referring to this guide:-Frigidaire FRS26ZGH-Frigidaire FRS26ZPH-Universal MRS26LGJ

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Fresh Food Storage
Door Storage
Door bins and shelves are provided for convenient storage of jars, bottles and cans.
Items used often are available for quick selection.
The door bins can be moved to suit individual needs. Remove bins by lifting straight
up. Place bins in the desired position and lower over the supports.
Dairy Compartment
The Dairy compartment is warmer than the general food storage section and is
intended for short term storage of cheese, spreads, or butter. In some models, the
dairy compartment module is removable and interchangeable with any other bin on
the refrigerator door. To use the additional storage shelf molded into the top of the
dairy compartment module, place module down on the next set of shelf
Tall Bottle Retainer (some models):
The retainer keeps tall containers in the bin from falling forward when opening or
closing the refrigerator door. To install, hold the retainer at the top, and slide it over
the outside wall of the bin, as shown. Note that the retainer works best with the
use of a bin snugger.
Micro-Serve Dishes (some models)
Food can be stored, cooked*, and served in micro-serve dishes provided in some
models. These dishes slide easily into their own tray, which hangs below a door bin,
conveniently freeing shelf space for other items.
* Remove plastic lid before cooking. Lid is intended for storage only.
The Crisper drawer, located under the bottom refrigerator shelf, is for storing fruits
and vegetables. Most produce should be washed in clear water and drained before
placing in this drawer. Items with strong odors or high moisture should be wrapped
before storing.
The Humidity Control (some models) allows you to adjust the humidity within the
Crisper drawer. This can extend the life of fresh vegetables which keep best in high
humidity. Leafy vegetables, however, keep best when stored with the Humidity
Control set on HIGHER , or in a drawer without a Humidity Control. This keeps
incoming air to a minimum and maintains maximum moisture content.
Meat Keeper
The Meat Keeper is located at the bottom of the refrigerator. The temperature in
this compartment can be made colder than the rest of the refrigerator compartment
by sliding the Chilled Air Control knob within the COLDEST or COLD range. Meat
will be partially frozen and may be kept fresh longer than if stored on a refrigerator
Before placing items in the Meat Keeper, follow these steps to keep the meat fresh:
1.Carefully handle meat with clean hands and always keep the compartment
2.Store meat in its original wrapper. If necessary, overwrap in plastic wrap or foil
to prevent drying. Wrap fish tightly to prevent odor transfer to other foods.
3.If spoilage ever occurs, disinfect the compartment with liquid chlorine bleach
following label directions. Then rinse with a solution of baking soda and water.
Rinse with clear water and dry.
Freezer Basket
A slide-out wire basket (some models have two) hangs below the bottom freezer
shelf. This basket provides easy access to frozen food packages.
Tall Storage Compartment (some models)
A shelf is attached to the freezer wall just below the ice server. This allows for
convenient storage of tall items placed vertically between the ice server and the
freezer wall.
Bin Snugger
Micro-Serve Dishes
Tall Bottle Retainer
Chilled Air Control
Humidity Control
Tall Storage
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