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Electrolux 218954001en-007

Electrolux 218954001en-007

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Products referring to this guide:-Frigidaire FRS26ZGH-Frigidaire FRS26ZPH-Universal MRS26LGJ

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Cantilever Shelf
Wine Rack
Slide Mode
Shelf Mode
Shelf Adjustment
Refrigerator shelves are easily adjusted to suit individual needs. Before adjusting shelves,
remove all food. Remove and discard shipping clips wedged into the cantilever rail above
the shelf hook (see below). These clips stabilize the shelves during shipping.
To adjust the cantilever shelves (supported at the rear of the refrigerator), lift the back
of the shelf up and out. Replace shelf by inserting rear hooks into slots. Lower and lock
into position.
Spillsafe™ glass shelves catch and hold accidental spills. In some models, Spillsafe™
shelves slide outfor easy access to food, and fast cleaning. Shelves slide out
independently of the cantilever bracket. Just pull front of shelf forward. Shelf can be
extended as far as stopper will allow, and is not removable from the cantilever bracket.
Wine Rack (some models)
The wine rack stores bottles of wine, or single 2-liter plastic bottles of juice or soda pop.
To install, slide wine rack onto the shelf with the curve facing in. To
remove, slide wine rack out. Install on either side of a Spillsafe™ shelf.
Slider-Flip Shelf (some models)
Your Spillsafe™ slider-flip shelf provides more space and organization options. The
slider-flip shelf is adjustable, like your other shelves. Clean your slider-flip shelf as you
would any other inside refrigerator part (please see the Care and Cleaning Section).
To suit your need, “flip” the flip shelf as shown below. The shelf will stay in position.
The slider shelf portion slides in and out, like your other refrigerator shelves. Remember
to leave enough space above the shelf to “flip” the flip shelf.
Remove Shipping Clips
Flip-Slide Mode
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