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Electrolux 218954001en-009

Electrolux 218954001en-009

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Products referring to this guide:-Frigidaire FRS26ZGH-Frigidaire FRS26ZPH-Universal MRS26LGJ

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Do not use the ice
chute as a handle when removing
or replacing the ice storage bin.
Surfaces there may be sharp.
Ice Dispenser Tips
1.Ice cubes stored too long may develop an odd flavor. Empty the container and
return it to the proper position. The ice maker will then produce more ice.
2.Occasionally shake the container to keep ice separated.
3.If the dispensing arm is pushed in for more than 4 minutes, the dispenser motor
may overload and stop. The overload protector will reset automatically after 3
or 4 minutes. If a large quantity of ice is needed at one time, it is best to remove
cubes directly from the ice storage bin.
4.Certain sounds are normal when the ice maker is operating. They are:
• Motor operation
• Ice being loosened from the tray
• Ice dropping into the storage bin
• Running water
• Water valve opening or closing
For more information on these operations, see "Normal Operating Sounds."
5.Stop the ice maker when cleaning the freezer or for long vacations.
6.If the ice maker is to be turned off for a long period of time, turn the water supply
valve to the closed position.
Automatic Ice and
Water Dispenser
Cleaning the Ice Dispenser
Clean the dispenser and ice storage bin at regular intervals, particularly before you
take a vacation or move, or if the ice dispenser sticks.
1.Stop ice production by lifting the wire signal arm to the "up" or OFF position.
2.Remove ice storage bin by lifting up and out. Empty and carefully clean the bin
with mild detergent. Do not submerge the bin while cleaning. Rinse with clear
water. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Allow ice bin to dry completely
before replacing in the freezer.
3.Remove ice chips and clean the shelf and chute that supports the ice storage
4.Replace the ice storage bin. Lower the wire signal arm on the ice maker to the
"down" or ON position and the ice maker will resume production.
When removing or replacing the ice bin, do not rotate the auger in
the ice bin. If the auger is accidentally turned, you must realign the auger by turning
it in 90° turns until the ice bin fits into place with the drive mechanism. For further
instruction, see the label on the ice bucket.
Remove and empty the ice storage bin if:
1.An extended power failure (one hour or longer) causes ice cubes in the ice storage
bin to melt and freeze together and jam the dispenser mechanism.
2.The ice dispenser is not used frequently. Ice cubes will freeze together in the bin
and jam the dispenser mechanism. Remove the ice storage bin and shake to
loosen the cubes.
NEVER use an ice pick or similar sharp instrument to break up the ice. This could
damage the ice storage bin and dispenser mechanism.
PureSource Plus ™ Ice and Water Filter (some models)
NOTE: If you purchased a refrigerator with a PureSource Plus
Ice and Water
filter, please read the following use and care information. This ice and water
filter system filters water to your ice maker and water dispenser. It is located in the
upper right back corner of the fresh food compartment (see Figure 1 on the following
System Startup:
Water supply does not need to be turned off, however do not use ice and water
dispenser while installing filter. Refer to Figure 1 as you complete these instructions.
The filter cartridge has already been installed in the filter housing at the factory. Refer
to the "How The Dispenser Works" section to properly fill the system with water.
Repositioning the Auger
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