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Electrolux 218954001en-010

Electrolux 218954001en-010

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Products referring to this guide:-Frigidaire FRS26ZGH-Frigidaire FRS26ZPH-Universal MRS26LGJ

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Automatic Ice and
Water Dispenser
Order new filter cartridges through the
dealer where you bought the
refrigerator, or contact the Frigidaire
Consumer Assistance Center at 1-800-
944-9044. It might be good to order
some filters when you first install your
refrigerator. Be sure to ask for the
200 PureSource Plus™
After replacing the filter cartridge, it will be necessary to reset the filter use up
indicator that is located on the ice and water dispenser. Press the "Change Water
Filter" pad. If the indicator light was red or amber, you will need to press the pad for
3-5 seconds to reset. If the light was still green you will need to press the pad for 10-
12 seconds to reset. The light will flash on and off when reset is complete. Please refer
to the complete dispenser operating instructions attached to the inside of the freezer
Figure 1
Changing the Filter:
Water quality varies throughout the world. To ensure the highest possible water
quality, change water filter every 6 months, or 200 gallons. Also, if filter has been
in a refrigerator that has not been in use for awhile (during moving for example),
change filter before reinstalling refrigerator. Note dispenser system will also operate
without filtration (with filter cartridge removed).
To change filter:
Refer to Figure 1 as needed. It is not necessary to turn the water supply off to change
the filter.
1. Set ice maker lever (wire signal arm) to the OFF (up) position.
2. Hold filter cup firmly, and unscrew counter clockwise (Figure 1). (Some water
could leak out as you remove cup. This is normal.) Filter cartridge should come
down with cup. If cartridge remains in housing, pull down gently, while twisting
filter back and forth.
3. Empty cup of any substance.
4. The large o-ring (Figure 1) that seals the filter system sets in the o-ring groove
down inside the cup. Should the o-ring fall out during filter cartridge replacement,
simply place it back in the groove prior to screwing the cup back in place. If the
o-ring becomes damaged, you will need to order one from the Consumer
Assistance Center.
5. Discard old filter cartridge.
6. Remove new filter cartridge from packaging, and install.
7. Place filter cartridge in cup. The end with the small o-ring should be up, out
of the cup.
8. Screw cup, with filter, back onto housing. Do Not Use Wrench To Reinstall
Cup . Filter cartridge will self-align as cup is tightened. Be sure cup is completely
tightened with PureSource Plus™ logo facing outward. Do Not Tighten Past
9. Set ice maker lever on the ON (down) position.
10.Check for leaks. Open refrigerator door. Wipe any water drops from the filter cup.
Run a glass of water. If there is a leak, unscrew filter cup, and reinsert the filter
cartridge. Check placement of large O-ring (see Figure1). Reinstall filter cup,
making certain it is tightened completely.
11.To condition filter system and purge air from water line, run several glasses of
water through water dispenser. This will also assure that the purest water
possible is stored in water tank.
The PureSource Plus™ RF-200 ice and
water filter system is tested and certified
by NSF International, the nationally
recognized and respected, not for profit,
certification organization for public
health safety. The PureSource Plus™
system is tested and certified to ANSI/NSF
Standards 42 and 53. See performance
data sheet for specifications. This system
should not be used on water that is
microbiologically unsafe or with water of
unknown quality unless the water has
been adequately disinfected before or
after traveling through the filtration
Rated service flow- .37 GPM
Maximum Rated Pressure- 125 PSI
Maximum Operating Temp. - 100
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