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You can edit and write guides yourself, or if you prefer, just send your input to

Searching for a product

Sometime the quickest way to find a product is to use the site search feature. Quite often we have the guide for the product you are looking for but that guide remains uncategorized. If a guide is uncategorized it is not associated with a product it cannot be found by browsing the manufacturers category page. If you find an uncategorized guide you can create a product page for it making the next persons experience better.

Here are a few tips to improve your product search

  • Searching for the product name alone may return too many results, try using both the manufacturer and the product
  • Searching for the product code or manufacturers ID often produces the best result.
  • If a product code search fails try a partial product code or a partial product code alond with wild cards. For example, "FEC30S6HBA" or "FEC30S6H" or "FEC30*"
  • A product code such as DTC-950 may be found multiple ways, "DTC-950", "DTC 950" or "DTC-*"

Searching within a guide

Once you have located the guide you are interested in and want only to search for text within that guide you can use the following trick. As a single guide has numbered pages you can just add the guide name or guide page to your search.

Guide = Apple_IPod_touch_2_2_User_Guide-NNN

  • Search in the whole guide, "Apple_IPod_touch_2_2_User_Guide Wi-Fi"
  • Search in a single page of a guide, "Apple_IPod_touch_2_2_User_Guide-026 Wi-Fi"
  • Search a single page using your browser. Open the page you wish to search then use the pull down menu Edit->Find/Search.
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