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How to make better coffee drip machine

How to make better coffee drip machine

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How to Make a Better Cup of Coffee: Drip Machines

If you follow these tips, the coffee you make at home will taste great. It can even compete with coffee bought at the leading coffee chains.

Coffee Beans

The perfect cup of coffee always starts with the coffee beans. Everybody has their own preference for their favorite kind of bean, so who am I to tell you where to get your beans? More important is what you do with the beans after you buy them, and how you store them. The absolute best coffee is made from beans that have just been ground. Once the beans have been ground, they lose their aroma and flavor at a faster rate. If you plan to grind your own beans, then it's worth it to invest in a high-quality grinder. Poorly ground coffee beans do not release the essential coffee oils and can leave you with nothing better than weak, flavorless brown water. Yuck! It's better to buy a coffee grinder called a “bur grinder” vs a “blade grinder.” A blade grinder chops the beans. The longer you run a blade grinder the finer the ground. Coffee cut with a blade grinder produces a very inconsistent grind. A bur grinder crushes the beans between two surfaces spaced at a fixed distance. A bur grinder produces a much more consistent grind. See the Coffee Grinder section for information on selecting a coffee grinder. Despite the deliciousness of freshly-ground coffee beans, I personally like to buy beans at a store that will grind them for me. If you're like me, make sure to specify the type of coffee machine filter you have when as the type of grind needs to match the speed of your coffee machine. Once the beans are ground, you should focus on how you store the beans...

Coffee Bean Storage

Both whole beans and ground coffee are best kept in the freezer in an airtight container. I have read that freezing coffee can cause it to loose its essential oils. As far as I'm concerned, those oils still end up in the coffee. Yum! I keep my coffee the store-supplied bag in the freezer and skip the airtight container. Alternatively you can keep the beans and ground coffee in the refrigerator. If you decide that the refrigerator is the place for you, then an airtight container is a must. The refrigerator compartment contains a lot of moisture. The moisture will cause your coffee to loose its flavor and aromas and pick up the flavor and aromas of other foods. Yuck!


The water you use to make your coffee affects the the taste. My only advice is that you should use the water you like to drink. If you drink tap water. then you should make your coffee with tap water. If you only drink bottled or filtered water. then you should use make your coffee with bottled or filtered water. That way you will taste the coffee and not the water.


You may think that the coffee filter is not important. However it can have a great impact on the flavors of your coffee. Cheap paper filters can leave a bad taste to your coffee. I know this as in my student days I once made coffee using paper towels instead of a filter. (I had run out of filters). The coffee ended up tasting like paper and I couldn’t drink it. I recently switched to a re-usable gold filter. Not only is it good for the environment but it makes excellent coffee. Do not be mistaken in thinking that the filter changes the length of time that the hot water is in contact with the beans. The coffee machine regulates the rate at which the hot water pours through the coffee grounds, not the filter. The quality of your coffee machine is discussed later.

How Much Coffee to Use

This is a section is just a guideline an should be adjusted according to your taste.

  • For the first 4 Cups of water => 1 tablespoon per cup
  • For the next 4 Cups of water => ¾ tablespoon per cup
  • For additional cups up to 12 => ½ tablespoon per cup

The Coffee Machine

When it comes to , there are two styles: the traditional style with the glass pots and heating elements, and the newer style with thermos flasks. The problem with coffee makers with heating elements is that, as the water evaporates, the coffee gets stronger. And this can lead to coffee that tastes burnt. This is really no issue if you plan on drinking all of the coffee right away. I have a coffee machine with a thermos, which is wonderful for keeping the coffee for hours. But if you like really hot coffee, you need to heat the thermos before making the coffee. You can heat the thermos by rinsing it with hot water from the tap. Also, with an opaque thermos, it's difficult to know when you're about to finish the pot and need to make more.

I've found that it's not worth it to buy a cheap coffee maker. It is important that the coffee machine accurately performs following actions and functions.

  • Heat the water to the correct temperature.
  • Correctly regulate the flow of hot water through the coffee grounds.
  • Has a correctly sized and shaped coffee grounds basket to ensure all the available coffee is used.
  • Make the coffee in a short time without impacting quality.

Make sure the coffee maker manufacturer describes the machines ability in these areas. If not, it is probably not the machine for you.

One last thing to note about coffee machines is that a large coffee machine is not good at making small amounts of coffee. Larger coffee machines need to be sized and shaped to be able to deal with large amounts of water and grounds. If you only want to make one or two cups of coffee, a large machine will not be able to correctly disperse the water over the grounds. You should consider only buying a coffee machine that sized to suit your needs. If you only make 2 cups of coffee at a time then you should buy at most a 4 cup machine. If you need a large machine you should make sure it has a cone shape filter. Cone shape filters perform much better with smaller amounts of grounds.

Once you have the perfect coffee machine make sure you keep up with its regular maintenance. Take a look at the article on How to clean your Drip coffee machine for tips on keeping your coffee machine producing piping hot and fresh tasting coffee.

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