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KitchenAid 9758377-004

KitchenAid 9758377-004

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9758377 (Product)
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If connecting to a 4-wire system:
This range is manufactured with the ground connected to the
cabinet. The ground must be revised so the green grounding wire
of the 4-wire power supply cord is connected to the cabinet. See
“Electrical Connection.”
Grounding through the neutral conductor is prohibited for new
branch-circuit installations (1996 NEC); mobile homes; and
recreational vehicles, or an area where local codes prohibit
grounding through the neutral conductor.
When a 4-wire receptacle of NEMA Type 14-50R is used, a
matching UL listed, 4-wire, 250-volt, 40- or 50-amp, range power
supply cord (pigtail) must be used. This cord contains 4 copper
conductors with ring terminals or open-end spade terminals with
upturned ends, terminating in a NEMA Type 14-50R plug on the
supply end.
The fourth (grounding) conductor must be identified by a green or
green/yellow cover and the neutral conductor by a white cover.
Cord should be Type SRD or SRDT with a UL listed strain relief
and be at least 4 ft (1.22 m) long.
The minimum conductor sized for the copper 4-wire power
cord are:
40-amp circuit
2 No.-8 conductors
1 No.-10 white neutral
1 No.-8 green grounding
If connecting to a 3-wire system:
Local codes may permit the use of a UL listed, 3-wire,
250-volt, 40- or 50-amp range power supply cord (pigtail). This
cord contains 3 copper conductors with ring terminals or open-
end spade terminals with upturned ends, terminating in a NEMA
Type 10-50P plug on the supply end. Connectors on the appliance
end must be provided at the point the power supply cord enters
the appliance. This uses a 3-wire receptacle of NEMA Type
1. Remove shipping materials, tape and protective film from
range. Remove oven racks and parts package from inside
2. Do not remove the shipping base at this time.
3. Remove storage drawer. Use a
³⁄₈" drive ratchet to lower rear
leveling legs one-half turn. Use channel lock pliers to lower
front leveling legs one-half turn.
4-wire receptacle (14-50R)
3-wire receptacle (10-50R)
A.Shipping base
Excessive Weight Hazard
Use two or more people to move and install range.
Failure to do so can result in back or other injury.
³⁄₈ " drive ratchet
B.Rear leveling leg
C.Channel lock pliers
D.Front leveling leg
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