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Welcome to YouserGuide

Here at we believe that information should be freely available to everyone. When you buy a product you should easily be able to find information about how your product works, how it can be maintained and, in rare cases, how it can be repaired. Everybody has a drawer stuffed full of old user guides that are never available when you need them. Not any more. YouserGuide is here to be your one-stop resource for product information. We have user guides, owners manuals, service manuals, installation guides, assembly guides, product parts lists and much MUCH more. Everything here is FREE unlike other site that charge up to $10 per guide.

Wait! We don't stop there. Have you ever had trouble putting together your DIY table and chairs, or changing the filter on your refrigerator? Well now YOU can add your knowledge and experience to any product guide and enhance everybody's product experience. Perhaps you know how to stop that blinking clock Image:Clock blink.gif.

Please join us in writing new guides, updating existing guides and adding your hints and tips to products that you know how to use.

Currently we have over 120,000 guides in our database with over 3 million pages of content.

YouserGuides motto

(Why don't you pick?)

  • Everything is better when you get involved.
  • The place where you can make any product experience better.
  • The place where you can guide yourself through any product.

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You can find the YouserGuide you are looking for by browsing this category or simply using the search box at the top right of the page. For help on searching see Help:Searching

Request A Guide

Can't find the guide you are looking for? Make a guide request here at the Request Page.

Product Showcase is very proud of the work you have done in enhancing product guides. Each month we like to highlight a specific product that has been enhanced by one of our users.

  • New guides from Genie and LiftMaster. We have garage door openers mauals from Genie and LiftMaster . We have garage door remote manuals from Genie and LiftMaster

Amazon Kindle
Amazon Kindle
  • Get easy access to the manuals for your latest gadgets. Our documents can be viewed without the need for a PDF. Learn how to better use your Kindle from Amazon..

Deluxe Wooden Easel
Deluxe Wooden Easel

  • strives to collect hard to find guides for your products and present them all together in a convenient format. An example of can be found under the Frigidaire brand. These guides include user manuals, wiring diagrams, parts catalog and service data sheets. With all these guide at your side there is no repair task is out of your reach.

New Technology

YgTip Tag

Just added are YouserGuide tip tags. Tips allow you to quickly add your own experiences or tips to any existing guide. To find out how to use YgTip Tags refer to Help:YgTip.

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