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Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-001

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-001

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Deluxe_Wooden_Easel_Assembly (Deluxe_Wooden_Easel)
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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel Assembly Instructions

Assembly Difficulty: Low - Medium

Tools needed: Allen wrench (supplied)

No. of people: Can be assembled with one person, but it would be easier with two.

Unpacking and checking contents

Unpack on a soft surface, either a rug or a drop cloth, to avoid scratching.

Check pieces for damage. (Typically the packaging will be damaged)
Check that all pieces are present. (I like to lay out the pieces to match the instructions. That way not only do you know they are there, but you also will know which piece is which).
Check yours against the images.

  • 1 Dry-Erase Board
  • 1 Chalkboard
  • 2 Upper hinged legs
  • 4 lower legs
  • 1 paper guide/cutter with logo
  • 1 upper art board frame with logo
  • 2 lower art board frames
  • 2 leg braces
  • 1 paper roll dowel
  • 20 short screws, 6 long screws, 1 Allen wrench
  • 26 plastic knobs (wing nuts)
  • 4 plastic clips
  • 1 red plastic tray
  • 1 blue plastic tray molded with pot holders

- If at any point you find a piece missing or damaged, do not assemble the product. Call the store for a replacement. Either they will ask you to return, or will send you a replacement. 1-800-284-3948

Review the instructions

  • Before starting any assembly project it is well worth reviewing all of the instructions. It is important to understand the complexity of the assembly and any special needs for the project. In this case:
  • Based on the included instructions some steps may take two people. However, if you follow these instructions you will be able to assemble all parts by yourself
  • This product contains asymmetrical pieces. There are pieces that must be placed on the left/right and front/back and many of the pieces require a specific orientation. However the manufacturer has added additional labeling to the pieces in order to identify the correct pieces for assembly.
  • During the assembly you will need to select the correct height of the boards. You should figure out the correct height for your child before you begin.
  • The easel folds for easy storage. It is important that you are aware of the operation of the latches on the sides of the easel and orient them correctly. If installed incorrectly, these latches could open by themselves.
  • When I was checking the contents of the box I discovered 26 wing nuts: 7 Red, 7 Blue, 6 yellow, and 6 green. There seemed to be 1 extra red and 1 extra blue. All of the steps use 4 wing nuts except the last. The two additional nuts are for the paper holder. I used one of each color nut for each assembly step.
  • Folding and Securing, I noticed that the easel once assembled could easily be taken apart by a child. The wing nuts are colorful and accessible to children. As part of these instructions I recommend tightening the wing nuts tight enough to stop a child from loosening them. It is also important that you talk to your child about not touching the wing nuts.
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