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Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-002

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-002

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Deluxe_Wooden_Easel_Assembly (Deluxe_Wooden_Easel)
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Assemble the A-Frame

Layout the pieces to form 2 A-Frames. You will need the two upper hinged legs and the four lower legs. The legs are labeled with the numbers 1 & 2. Legs with the matching numbers will be attached together. Place the legs down on a flat surface with the small holes up, large countersunk holes down.

Turn over the pieces so the numbers face each other. The upper hinged legs on the left should have large countersunk holes on the top and right side and the two legs on the left have countersunk holes on the top and left side. Once the legs are attached you will end up with two A-frames that form the base of the easel.

Insert short screws and secure as shown. The screw heads should be recessed as shown. This step requires 8 wing nuts. Use one of each color spread across both A-frames. Hand tighten all of the screws only. Keeping them loose will allow you to later adjust the easel so it does not wobble.

Attaching the folding and securing mechanism

Separate the A-Frames and place them next to each other. Locate the red securing bars or leg braces that are used to hold the easel open in its A shape.

One side of the locking bar has a hole and the other has a notch cut into it. Make sure you locate the notch that allows the easel to unlock and fold. You should orient the the red locking bar so that the notch is on opposite sides of the left and right A-Frames. When assembled they will face the same direction. IMPORTANT: Make sure the notch faces down to the bottom of the A-frame. This will ensure that gravity keeps the bar locked in place and the easel will not come apart by itself. For this step you will need four long screws and four wing nuts. Again use one of each color wing nut.

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