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Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-003

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-003

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Deluxe_Wooden_Easel_Assembly (Deluxe_Wooden_Easel)
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Attaching the dry-erase board and chalkboard

This step requires you to attach the white-board to the A-frames. At this point there is nothing to hold any of the pieces. If you are assembling by yourself you will want to fold the A-frames and lay them flat on the ground. Space the legs at a distance that match the width of the white-board with the red locking bars on the outside.

You should have already decided the correct height for the white board and black board. Based on you desired height of the boards locate the four holes in the legs that you plan on attaching the board to.

Pre-insert the screws into the holes so they are ready to accept the board. This will make fitting the board easier and will make the assembly much easier. The assembly of the dry-erase board is different to the chalkboard. You will need 2 long screws for the top of the dry-erase board and 2 short screws for the bottom. You will also need 4 wing nuts, the paper cutter/guide with logo and 1 lower board frame with no logo. The long screws are needed to attach the paper guide/cutter.

The boards are not square. Each board is marked with "TOP" so they can be oriented correctly. Place the board on the A-frames on top of the pre-inserted screws. Before you attach the wing nuts you need to locate and fit the two wooden bars that are placed at the top and the bottom of the board. There wooden bars for both of the boards/frame, two with "Mellissa & Doug" written on them that go on the top and two with no writing that go on the bottom. Locate the board that is shaped to guide and cut the paper used for painting. It is the white board side you should use for painting and thus attach the paper guide/cutter to. Place the guide/cutter top of the dry-erase board. If the screw are not long enough than you may have used the short screws. The paper guide/cutter requires 2 long screws. Then attach the lower art board with 2 short screws.

Flip over the frame allowing you to install the chalkboard. Follow the same procedure as the whiteboard.

At this point the easel should be stable and can stand up for the remainder of the assembly. See the photo on how to secure the red locking bar.

Attaching paint and chalk holders

The paint pot holder is blue and has circular pot holders in it. It should be attached on the side of the easel with the dry-erase board. The paper cutter should already be attached to the top of the white-board so there is no changing your mind now. The chalk holder is red and should be attached on the side of the easel with the chalkboard. Use 4 short screw and 4 wing nuts to attach the holders.

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