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Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-004

Melissa and Doug Deluxe Wooden Easel Assembly-004

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Deluxe_Wooden_Easel_Assembly (Deluxe_Wooden_Easel)
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Attaching the paper roll holder

The paper roll holder is a wooden dowel that attaches across the two securing bars. If you have a roll of paper you should insert the dowel through it before installation. If not then the paper holder can be removed at a later time to insert a roll of paper. You will need two short screws and the additional two wing nuts.

Final setup and securing

Place the easel on a flat surface in its upright open position. Tighten each of the wing nuts in turn using the supplied Allen wrench. There are many colorful wing nuts that are in easy reach of young children. If a young child is going to be using the easel you should tighten all of the screws and nuts so that they cannot be undone by hand. This will ensure that the easel cannot be accidentally disassembled.

Your easel should be completely assembled and ready to use. Attach the paper clips on the board on the easel. They will hold paper in place during painting.

The easel can fold by loosening the securing bars and lifting them from the securing nuts. The bar should rest against the legs and the easel will fold shut.

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