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Philips fwm35 22 dfu eng-014

Philips fwm35 22 dfu eng-014

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Basic Functions
DSC (Digital Sound Control)
The DSC feature enables you to enjoy special
sound effects that have preset equaliser settings,
providing the best music reproduction.
Press DSC to select : OPTIMAL, JAZZ, ROCK
The selected DSC is shown.
DBB (Dynamic Bass Boost)
There are three DBB settings to enhance the
bass response.
Press DBB to select : DBB 1, DBB 2, DBB 3 or
The selected
is shown, except for DBB
OFF mode.
–Some discs or tapes might be recorded in high
modulation, which causes a distortion at high
volume. If this occurs, switch off DBB or reduce the
Automatic DSC-DBB selection
The best DBB setting is generated automatically
for each DSC selection. You can manually select
the DBB setting that best suits your listening
Dim mode
You can select the desired brightness for the
In any source mode (except Eco Power standby
or standby mode), press DIM MODE
repeatedly to select DIM 1, DIM 2, DIM 3 or
DIM OFF display mode.
is shown, except for DIM OFF mode.
Volume control
Adjust VOLUME to increase (turn knob
clockwise or press VOLUME +) or decrease
(turn knob anti-clockwise or press VOLUME -)
the sound level.
To listen through the headphones
Connect the headphones plug to
the n socket at the front of the
The speakers will be muted.
To switch off the volume temporarily
Press MUTE on the remote control.
Playback will continue without sound and
MUTE" is displayed.
To restore the volume, press MUTE again or
increase the volume level.
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