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Whirlpool Installation Instructions - W10177448-009

Whirlpool Installation Instructions - W10177448-009

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Products referring to this guide:-Whirlpool IHI8304VS0-Ikea IHI8304VS0

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5. Connect lamp and control panel’s cable connectors to the
blower motor connectors.
6. For non-vented (recirculating) installations, install the
charcoal filter. See “Range Hood Care” section.
Install Chimney Covers
Vented Installation - Style 1
1. Insert captive nuts on the inside of the vent covers at all
12 rectangular hole locations.
2. Remove the plastic covering from the chimney covers.
3. Place the upper chimney covers around the chimney support
so that the vent slots on the front cover face the same
direction as the control panel.
4. Screw the upper covers together using the 6 screws
5. Push the upper cover assembly up against ceiling.
6. Attach the upper cover assembly to the vent cover support
brackets with two screws (one on each side).
7. Place the lower vent covers around the chimney structure so
that the cover with the captive nuts is to the rear of the hood.
A.Control panel connection
B.Lamp connection
A.Upper chimney covers
A.Lower vent cover with captive nuts
B.Lower vent cover
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