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Whirlpool Use and Care Guide - 8181498-003

Whirlpool Use and Care Guide - 8181498-003

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Your Clothes are Ready When You Are!
Your WHIRLPOOL™PERSONALVALET™clothes vitalizing system is a breakthrough in home fabric care that gets your clothes
ready-to-wear in about 30 minutes (RegularCare cycle). The clothes vitalizer uses a two-stage process (except for the
GENTLEDRY™cycle. See “Cycle Selection.”) that leaves your clothes looking neat and smelling fresh. During the first stage, the
clothes vitalizer, through a patented process, creates a mist of heat-activated formula that is circulated within the clothes vitalizer
penetrating clothing fibers. The second stage of the cycle is the drying stage. The heating element activates the formula and, in
conjunction with the tensioning accessories, works to smooth wrinkles and clean odors.
The clothes vitalizer is safe for virtually all your clothes.* Your clothes vitalizer will not only change how you care for your clothes, it
will change your daily routine. In order to maximize your satisfaction, it is important to know what the clothes vitalizer DOES and
• Smooth wrinkles
• Remove visible stains
• Clean odors
• Give a pressed look
• Reduce ironing
• Dry clean
• Reduce trips to the dry cleaners
Before reading through this Owner’s Manual, we recommend that you watch the Use and Care Video if you haven’t already done
so. The video can be found inside the box that contains the accessories. The video gives many visual instructions on how to use
the accessories, which will help during your first several loads. Some of the material presented in this manual may be easier to
understand after watching the video.
Your clothes vitalizer is designed to be versatile. You will find it is a fast and easy way to care for your clothes. This Owner’s
Manual gives step-by-step instructions for achieving the BESTperformance. The Body Shaper and Sleeve Shapers (see page 12)
may not be required for every article of clothing especially on suit coats, blouses and skirts. When you load clothes, it is important
to remember two key things:
Having space around the clothes is directly related to
performance. Two articles of clothing will do better than
three since there is more space for the mist to circulate.
*For fabrics not recommended for use in the clothes vitalizer, see “Fabrics Not Recommended” section.
This is required to remove wrinkles. Some clothes will require
fewer tensioning accessories (Body and Sleeve Shapers) while
others will require all of the recommended accessories.
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