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Manufacturer : Give the manufacturer of the product
Product Name : Give the product name or description
Product Code(s) : Give the manufacturers product code or codes associated with this product
Guide Description : Give any other information that may be useful in finding a guide you need for this product
Wanted By: Add your user id if you need this guide. We will use this to notify you of its availability. More users = high priority

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Manufacturer : Frigidaire
Product Name : Range<b Product Code(s) :FW807W-5
Guide Description : Hi, I have a Frigidaire self cleaning glass top range which is approximately 14 years old and am finding it hard to get a manual. The model number I have is FW807W-5 and it was made in Cambridge, Ontario. It has 13 control buttons on the timer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Wanted By:User:Wiltonres

Response: We have retrieved the manual for your range. Due to the age of your range the document is a scanned version of the original. For this reason we can only provide a PDF version. FW807W

Manufacturer : Frigidaire
Product Name :dryer
Product Code(s) :GLER331as1
Guide Description : Hi, I have a Frigidaire gallery dryer model GLER331as1 that will turn but it wont heat up. I was told to check the fuses but i dont knoe where they are I need a diagram of my dryer.
Wanted By:User:Aries
Response: We have the guide you need Frigidaire_GLER331A. If you search for GLER331* you will get the best results.

Manufacturer :Kenmore Product Name : Warm and Ready electric range Product Code(s) : 79096419401 Guide Description : I have a Kenmore Electric range model no. 74096419401. The oven door goes not close. When placed in the upright(closed position) it stays open about a quarter of an inch. Could this be a problem with the hinges . Thanks Wanted Byvperez5

Manufacturer :
Product Name :
Product Code(s) :
Guide Description :
Wanted By:User:Yourname

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